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Save your time and automate processes.

Works with Kindle, Books & Audible

Our analysis work with all Amazon Streams.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

[NEW] Find your competitors’ keywords where the searched ASIN is ranked for.

Keyword Suggestions

[NEW] Find tons of keyword suggestions for your new titles and Amazon ADS.

Autocomplete Keywords

You can get the best list of autosuggested keywords from Amazon algorithm.

Manual Search

You can check your custom lists of keywords to analyze their profitability with no limits.

Search by Reviewers

You can get hundreds of profitable keywords just by analysing Amazon Reviewer profiles.

Search by Narrators

You can get hundreds of profitable keywords just by analysing Audible Narrator profiles.

Export to CSV

Now you can export the generated keywords to a CSV file.

Up to #11 Amazon Marketplaces

Works on the following Amazon stores: .com/ .uk/ .de/ .it/ .fr/ .es/ .mx/ .ca/ .in/ .au/ .jp/

Simultaneous Keywords Research

You can have multiple searches at once to analyse all together on Kindle, Books & Audible!

Self-Publishers Detection

Identifying competitors can be a significant advantage. This advantage is now accessible to you.

Cloud-Based Platform

You don’t need any software to install or any add-ons/extensions for your browser.

Works on ALL Devices

Desktop, laptop, tablet & smartphone. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

NO VPN Subscription needed

We use thousands of Premium Residential IP addresses to get a better accurate analysis.

Geo-Targeted Searches Based on Amazon Stores

All searches are geo-located with Premium residential IP addresses. Amazon will show you the search results as if you were a real resident user!

Monitoring Profitable Keywords

You can easily track your profitable keywords by simply putting them in tracking. All you need is to check their daily profitability.

Everything is Done Securely on Our Servers

There’s no software or algorithm operations that take place on your computer or device. You can run it wherever you are.

Only Real-Time Data

All searches only in real-time.

Analysis Charts

Advanced charts will facilitate the keyword profitability monitoring.

Support Guaranteed

You can always rely on our help. We’re here for you through ticket, or private Facebook group. Available in English and Italian.

No More Time-Consuming

All searches are processed in a very short time.
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More Amazon stores soon available!

How it Works

Everything you need
to get your business off the ground.

Advanced Settings

You will have full control over the values ​​to identify the profitability of the keywords according to your own strategy.

You can highly customize settings for each Amazon Store (.com,,.it,.de,.fr,.es), and per stream
(Kindle, Books and Audible).



Customize Competitors parameters to measure the profitability of a keyword for any Amazon Store and Stream, according to your best strategy.

Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Customize BSR parameters to measure the profitability of a keyword for any Amazon Store and Stream, according to your best strategy.

BSR Score

The BSR Score allows you to determine how many items must satisfy the required BSR parameters for the keyword to be considered profitable.


Customize Reviews parameters to measure the profitability of a keyword for any Amazon Store and Stream, according to your best strategy.

Reviews Score

The Reviews Score allows you to determine how many items must satisfy the required Reviews parameters for the keyword to be considered profitable.

Publication Date

Set the number of days from the date of publication to consider an article as new and the max number of items to consider the keyword profitable.


Set the maximum price you want to control for the evaluation of your search results.

Advanced Settings
#6 New Searching Methods

#6 Amazing Searching Methods

KD MasterKey makes the process fun, easy and fast. Depending on your strategy, you can choose from #6 powerful keyword searching methods, among the most used by top Self-Publishing experts.


1. Autocomplete Keywords

Enjoy the advantages of Amazon’s search with its Top Suggestions with the power of our algorithm that calculates dozens of closely related keywords equally useful for your strategy.


2. Manual Search

Manual search is a powerful tool that allows you to input custom lists of keywords to analyse simultaneously across all 3 streams (Kindle, Books & Audible) on any Amazon Store in a very short time.

3. Search by Reviewers

Search by Reviewers is our brand new automated search method that allows you to get hundreds of keywords from the reviewers reviews. It only works with Kindle & Books streams and available for all Amazon Stores!

4. Search by Narrators

Search by Narrators is our latest search method that allows you to get lots of keywords just by searching for the name of Audible narrators! It only works with Audible stream and it’s available for all Audible Stores!

5. Reverse ASIN Lookup

[NEW] Searching by ASIN allows you to discover which keywords your competitors rank in search results and are performing better or which profitable keywords are behind a best seller.


6. Keyword Suggestions

[NEW] You will get a list of best keyword suggestions and immediately know their popularity, current and historical search volumes up to 12 months, and seasonality. An indispensable tool for discovering new profitable keywords and for the success of your Amazon ADS!

Ultra-Deep Keywords Analysis

KD MasterKey will analyse all keywords for all Amazon streams simultaneously (Kindle, Books & Audible).

It can do this very quickly, without ever stopping or limiting the number of results it gives you!

This means no more waiting between searches and no more using a VPN because our algorithm works with thousands of Premium Geolocalized Proxies (Top Residential IP addresses) to guarantee you a search that is as faithful as possible to the manual one but without any limits for Amazon’s annoying blocks.


Easy-to-Read Layout

Keyword analysis will be really easy to read thanks to our user-friendly layout. Everything you need to know about a keyword will be at your access.

#8 Advanced Filters

With our #8 advanced filters, your analysis will be more precise and successful, we are sure you’ll enjoy it.


Analyse the Competitors count of any keyword overall Amazon streams.


Analyse the Self-Publishers count of any keyword overall Amazon streams.

New Publications

It’s able to tell you whether the keyword meets your publication date parameters, also listing the age of publication for each item.

BSR Score

It’s able to tell you whether the keyword meets your BSR Score parameters.

BSR Average

It provides you with the BSR average to measure the performance of the keyword.

Reviews Score

It’s able to tell you whether the keyword meets your Reviews Score parameters.

Keyword in Title or Subtitle

You will know if the keyword you are analysing is in the title or subtitle of each item.
Advanced Keywords Analyses
Tracking Profitable Keywords

Keywords Profitability Monitoring

The most important function on this tool is the ability to automatically track all the keywords you select which are interesting for long term monitoring.

Once enabled, the tool will analyze your keyword at the same time each day, and generate a report about its historical performance. This allows you to make an intelligent, not-instantly-reactionary investment decision.


Tracking Profitable Keywords

You can track all keywords you want to monitor their profitability over time.

Automated Tracking

Keywords in tracking mode will be processed and analysed automatically every day. You will always have up-to-date data and everything under control in one tool.

Advanced Profitability Charts

Advanced Profitability Charts allow you to monitor the performance of your keywords over the long term. This is really such an incredible tool for improving your keyword reading!

Video Tutorials

Watch these short videos
to start getting profitable keywords right away!


No renewals or monthly subscriptions.
You only pay for what you use.


100 Credits


€0,39 Cents/Credit
Secure Payments with Stripe


250 Credits


0,39 Cents/Credit€0,35 Cents/CreditYou Save 10%
Secure Payments with Stripe


500 Credits


0,39 Cents/Credit€0,31 Cents/CreditYou Save 20%
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What do I need to get started with KD MasterKey?

You only need Internet access and a common web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera, Brave, etc.

It works on all desktop (Windows, Mac & Linux) and mobile (IOS & Android) devices.

How do credits work?

After you’ve got your keywords list to analyze, you should do a lot of manual research to make sure they are profitable (or not). This is the part where you can use the Credits to optimize your analysis even further.
With 1 Credit you can run a complete keyword analysis on all 3 Amazon streams (Kindle, Books & Audible) in a single store (i.e.! In just a few moments you’ll have a detailed report of the keyword’s profitability across all 3 streams without wasting more time!

1 Credit = 1 complete analyzed keyword in Kindle, Books & Audible.

Do credits have an expiry date?

NO! Once purchased, the credits will be available in your account and you can use them whenever you want, without any time limit.

Can I search for several keywords at once?

Of course, KD MasterKey allows you to start a multi keyword search, which returns a detailed report for all your keywords on various streams such as Kindle, Books & Audible

How do I read the keyword analysis report?

Thanks to 8 reading filters and our keyword Quality Score, it is very easy to identify the most profitable keywords.

Which streams and Amazon marketplaces are supported?

KD MasterKey works on the 6 main Amazon stores: .com/ .uk/ .it/ .de/ .fr/ .es/ processing the analysis on all 3 streams: Kindle, Books & Audible.

Any Questions?

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